Paper products for food use

Eurocartex SpA, a company founded in 1973 deals with the PRODUCTION OF SOFT PAPER PACKAGING, DECORATIVE CUSHIONS FOR PROTECTIVE PACKAGING AND COATED PAPER FOR FOOD USE and is market leader in Europe.
The company's goal is clear and persevering with tenacity, passion and perseverance: to be recognized as the leading manufacturer of soft paper cushions and as an excellent producer of combined film paper.
Eurocartex Spa produces many products for the food industry:

  • Cushions pads for chocolates and biscuits boxes: packaging soft, flexible and ecological made of layers embossed effect padding. All products recyclable and 100% biodegradable.
  • Cushions pads for fruit and vegetables: made of kraft paper, promote impact protection in the coffers and keep the freshness and the smell of food.
  • Cushions pads for products of animal origin: suited to the packaging of products with fluid losses, are composed by pure cellulose wadding, embossed.
  • Cushions pads for baked goods: resistant to heat and fat, can be customized in shapes and printed as needed.
  • PELD Coated paper (PE): Ideal for packaging fresh, grease and wet products and small bags. Matt PELD generally used for producing little sugar envelopes.
  • PPLD coated paper (PP): mainly used for chicken bags, have remarkable toughness characteristics and excellent printability.
  • PEHD Coated paper (PEHD): ideal for contact of wet foods and/or fats. It is an ecological and recyclable paper.
  • Wax paper: ideal as wrapping paper for fresh food( meat or fish ) and for chocolate.
  • Special cards for oven: resistant to high temperatures.
  • White wet-strength paper: Made of cellulose fiber, free of OBA (Optical Bleaching Agents). Suitable for contact with wet foodstuffs. Excellent for printing purposes.
  • Pergamyn: Paper coloured in the mass, made of raw sulphite and sulphate cellulose, without addition of chemical additives.
  • Paper bags for sugar: Mater-BiĀ® interior and exterior coated paper (PE Matt or gloss), totally recyclable.